Mexico Transgender Center

Tijuana, Baja California

Our second location is in charming border city of Tijuana, Mexico

Mexico Transgender Center

Tijuana, Baja California

Located right on the border with San Diego, USA

Mexico Transgender Center

Tijuana, Baja California

Certain procedures are not available at this location (plastic surgery)

Welcome to Tijuana, Baja California, population 2.1 million.

NOTICE: Plastic surgery procedures are NOT offered at this location.

Tijuana is a border city in Mexico, just south of California’s San Diego. Its bustling main street, Avenida Revolución, is lined with souvenir shops and lively bars. Landmarks include the neoclassical Jai Alai Frontón palace and Centro Cultural Tijuana, a modern cultural complex in the Zona Río district. Throughout town, stadiums stage lucha libre (wrestling) matches, while the nearby city of Rosarito fronts sandy beaches.

The godfather of Mexican border towns, Tijuana has been undergoing something of a renaissance in the last ten years. Cutting-edge art galleries, museums, and dynamic culinary and craft beers scenes – in addition to the old-fashioned fun and bars offered on Avenida Revolución – make this a great city to visit.

It is safe to visit this beautiful and charming city? Absolutely!

Plus, US citizens do not need a visa to visit Mexico. 

Mexico Transgender Center operates at Clínica Lityen, a private VIP-class hospital in Tijuana, Baja California.

Hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment and has English-speaking staff members.

Most patients will require one or two-night stay at the hospital after a successful surgery.

Located in the beautiful and visitor-friendly city of Tijuana, situated right on the US border, Mexico Transgender Center Tijuana is the ultimate destination for transgender patients from California, USA and all over the world who seek top-quality affordable transgender surgery and care. We partnered up with one of the top private hospitals in Tijuana, Clínica Lityen to provide you with the best medical facilities and after-care possible.

We offer many transgender procedures at our Tijuana location, such as MTF SRS, nullification, orchiectomy. For plastic surgery procedures, Please consider our main location in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Each patient is required to provide blood work test results prior to surgery. We require testing against:


You can obtain blood work one day before your surgery, locally in Guadalajara or Tijuana (depending on the location of your procedure).

We provide with local ground transportation from/to airport, hotel, medical appointments and transportation to and from the hospital and recovery facilities.

We do not offer assistance with visas (US citizens do not require a visa), air travel or hotel accommodations, however we do work with a local concierge service in Tijuana that many of our patients hire to help organize their trips.

One of our staff members will assist you with everything you need during your stay in beautiful Tijuana.

Our operating facilities are 100% COVID-19 free. All patients must take COVID-19 test one day prior to surgery date and must provide a NEGATIVE test result. In an event where a NEGATIVE test result is not available, your surgery will be rescheduled until you can provide proof of being COVID-19 negative. Please note that you will need to take COVID-19 test even if you have been vaccinated against the virus. There will be no exceptions.

IMPORTANT: Contact us immediately if you contracted COVID-19 prior or during your trip to Guadalajara, so we can take action quickly and reschedule your procedure. Please read our terms and conditions of service, which covers our COVID-19 policy and more, prior to booking your surgery.

Yes, absolutely! Our doctors are available for private consultations via WhatsUp (up to 30 minutes per patient, Please see schedule and instructions on how to join).

IMPORTANT: All patients will also have a private consultation with our doctors one day before surgery.

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High quality healthcare in Mexico is significantly more affordable than in the USA. Plus, currency exchange rates make our services extremely affordable and attractive to US patients. No wonder, over 92% of our patients come from the United States. Lower prices absolutely do not mean lower quality, our results speak for themselves and we would like to continue offering transgender community affordable SRS and much more. We are considered the leading transgender clinic in Mexico and one of the best and the most affordable in North America. You came to the right place!

Clínica Lityen is conveniently located at:

Condominio Plaza Pacífico  
José Clemente Orozco #10122-202. 
Zona Urbana Río, Tijuana B.C.

Phone: +52 (664) 634-6447

Notice: do not directly contact the clinic. All inquiries should be directed to Mexico Transgender Center.