Mexico Transgender Center

Patient Recovery Facility

Recover comfortably in fully-supervised luxury setting

Mexico Transgender Center

Patient Recovery Facility

24/7 nurse staff is there to ensure your recovery goes as expected

Mexico Transgender Center

Enjoy Gourmet Meals & Massages

Massages, meals and local transportation are included

Recover STRESS-FREE after your surgery in luxury recovery house

Post-surgery recovery could be challenging if you came to Mexico alone without a companion to help you with essential everyday activities during your recovery. Also, certain surgeries such as breast implants, liposuction and BBL will require special accomodations, such as adjustable recliners for comfortable recovery. 

Our recovery house facility is equipped with all necessary equipment, is fully supervised by 24/7 nurse staff, offers up to 4 gourmet meals per day, large private rooms with high-speed Internet, Netflix and much more. 

Local transportation to/from hospital and medical appointments is included. Also, you will enjoy our massages, signature protein milk shakes and more!

Recovery House facility is conveniently located in close proximity to CHG Hospitales at:

Av Guadalupe 4054-int 1,
Jardín de San Ignacio,
45040 Zapopan, Jalisco

To book your stay at this facility or for any questions, Please contact the management at:

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